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All data entered into our asset management software program is available for analysis and reporting. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), data cube reporting and Excel all offer powerful options for configuring and displaying this data in a meaningful way. There are multiple flexible ways to export the CMMS data to multiple file formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, Acrobat, Rich Text, XML and several other file formats. By itself, this is useful, but especially in the case of an Excel export as once the data is inserted into Excel. Next, Excel is used for extended analysis of this exported CMMS data. Leveraging the capabilities of the CMMS by providing Excel with an OLAP data cube or OEE data set greatly increases the analysis capability of this asset management software system. In short, rather than "reinventing the wheel" we decided to leverage Excel with its many analytical tools as a way to fulfill our commitment to maximizing data analysis in our software.

General reporting and analysis is described on a separate page. The methods described there are for the most part SQL queries and reporting to Crystal Reports (a powerful data reporting engine). The videos on this page train on using OEE, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing also known as data cubes) and exporting to Excel. Specifically, the OLAP tool is simply a drag and drop report generation tool.

  1. OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).
  2. OLAP (online analytical processing) data cubes.
  3. Direct Excel export.
  4. OLE automation Excel export.

If further explanation is required contact CMMS University to schedule a personalized online demonstration of the asset management software's analysis and reporting capabilities.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

  • What is OEE?.
  • How can OEE improve a maintenance operation.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness reporting.
  • OEE options and settings.

Exporting CMMS Software Data

  • Crystal Reports CMMS data export options.
  • Excel raw data export.
  • Excel OLE automation export.
  • Export file formats.
  • Raw grid print.

Analyzing CMMS Data with OLAP

  • What is OLAP (report builder)?
  • How can OLAP help my equipment maintenance operation?
  • Two dimensional CMMS data sets.
  • Three dimensional CMMS data views.
  • Filtering for CMMS analysis and reporting.
  • Charting OLAP data.
  • Exporting Online Analytical Processing data.