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Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

With any maintenance system, preventive maintenance is a key component. This CMMS software training module covers two different ways to manage preventive maintenance (PM) work.

  1. Use the work order screen to manages preventive maintenance tasks.
  2. Preventive maintenance managed by the special calendar-based PM screen only available with this CMMS system.

NOTE: for the purposes of this training module "work orders" refer to work managed under the gray wrench icon. "PMs" refer to work managed under the gray oilcan icon. Use either or both of these screens to manage your preventive maintenance.

Use Work Orders to Issue Preventive Maintenance

Manage preventative maintenance as a full work order. This is accomplished best by using work order templates. Work order templates are "boiler-plate" copies of existing work orders. Specifically, create new work orders with one simple triggering event from a work order template. For example, the triggering event could be a schedule or a meter. To clarify, a meter is a unit of anything you, as a maintenance manager, define. For example, 200 cycles, 5000 miles, 24 days. For instance, a meter might be a counter on a piece of equipment that is counting cycles of a machine function.

Meters connected to the CMMS through an OPC compliant network provide a way for the CMMS to generate work orders based upon equipment demand. As such, this does not require any user action to accomplish these timely work assignments. As you can see, meters make it possible to generate work orders automatically based upon virtually anything.

Here are some examples of work order triggering events:

  1. User manually creates new work order from template.
  2. Link a work order template to a schedule. When schedule reaches its threshold a new work order is created.
  3. A work order template linked to user-defined meters generates a new work order.

Preventive Maintenance Managed Through the Exclusive PM Screen

This CMMS system uses a separate screen to manage preventative maintenance work. Access the preventive maintenance screen by clicking the gray oilcan icon. This screen differs from the work order template method in the following ways:

  1. Create task definitions one time under the PM configuration screen. Alternatively, a new work order must be created for each task when using work order templates.
  2. When the PM task is completed it is archived into history and recycled to a new PM automatically. Consequently, updating the Start Date and Due Date on the original PM and creating a new instance of needed work. This procedure differs from the work order screen that creates a new record (work order) each time on is needed.
  3. Preventive maintenance management under the gray oilcan provides a list format. Conversely, work orders are generally one primary task per work order rather than a list of tasks on one maintenance assignment.
  4. PMs lend themselves more easily to bulk updating and closing.

For more information contact CMMS University to schedule a personalized online demonstration of the software's data input, reporting and analysis and reporting capabilities.

Preventive Maintenance Basics

  • Are PMs are different from work orders?
  • PM Update screen navigation
  • Closing a preventive maintenance task
  • Closing multiple PMs at one time.
  • Changing the assignment of a PM

Filtering and Reporting

  • Basic filtering of PMs
  • Printing PMs
  • Multi-select printing
  • Data grid display settings
  • Use the Report Designer and OLAP data cubes

PM Options

  • Assign a PM list to a different technician.
  • Changing the PM list format.
  • Embedding PMs into a work order.
  • Linking spare parts to a PM list.
  • Creating and saving custom grid filters.