Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software in a CMMS Package
Inventory Management Software

This module instructs on inventory management software capabilities and use. For training on purchasing and purchase orders see the Purchase Order Training Module. The trial CMMS download provides the following basic inventory management capabilities:

  1. Inventory stock lists
  2. Auditing inventory
  3. Spare parts usage tracking

Inventory Management Software Components

Inventory stock lists display all items in the spare parts database. Additionally, these parts are classified as inventory, non-inventory or any other user-defined classification. Furthermore, each item has multiple fields including unlimited file attachments linked to the inventory item. These files attachments are available in any file type. The below video illustrates this.

Another important component of any inventory management system is the ability to perform audits. A physical inventory variance audit video below instructs on this useful feature. Additionally, this system includes cycle counting audits and ABC analysis. Most importantly, use the CMMS to generate audits reports that inform the maintenance manager of items physically counted that do not match the recorded count.

The stock list is adjusted automatically as stock is used and acquired. Similarly, returned parts also automatically adjust the inventory stock list. Received items increment the stock list as expected.

Using spare parts for equipment maintenance also links why the part was used, who used the part and which equipment item the part was used on. Return unused parts at any time. As expected, the inventory software automatically adjusts the inventory stock list as parts are used, acquired or used.

Contact CMMS University to schedule a personalized online demonstration of the software's analysis and reporting capabilities.

Inventory Management Software Capabilities

  • Adding spares to the inventory list
  • Editing existing items
  • Linking file attachments to inventory spares
  • Inventory management module options

Inventory Management and Reporting

  • Filtering the data grid
  • User-defined fields
  • Crystal Reports CMMS data export
  • Excel raw data export
  • Audit reports
  • Other inventory reports

Spare Parts Usage

  • Checking out parts for use on equipment
  • Filtering and searching for parts
  • Barcode checkout
  • Returning checked out parts
  • Inventory usage analysis and reporting.