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CMMS dashboard
CMMS dashboard

CMMS Dashboard Training Topics

The CMMS dashboard is a useful tool for providing timely and otherwise important CMMS data to the user. The CMMS dashboard may be customized and is linked to the user ID. This give the user a display of only critical CMMS data that is or particular importance to the logged in user. The dashboard is presented in a graphical format making it simple to quickly see trends or maintenance items that require immediate attention. All software functions are available withouit using the CMMS dashboard, however this dashboard greatly simplifies what the maintenance manager has to consider when opening the CMMS software system. Additionally the dashboard may be set as the default screen so that it loads when the user logs in.

The CMMS dashboard displays the four major parts of the software program. The user may elect to display all four components or any combination of these four components. The four components are:

  1. Work orders
  2. Preventative maintenance (PMs)
  3. Downtime (equipment failures)
  4. Inventory and purchasing stock levels

The work order section of the dashboard provides a filtered way to graphically display work orders based upon:

  1. Work order type
  2. Work order status
  3. Work order priority
  4. Equipment
  5. Work order requestor and more

The preventative maintenance component of the dashboard displays PMs by:

  1. Days late
  2. Assigned mechanic
  3. Equipment
  4. Preventative maintenance task
  5. Process and more

The equipment downtime software module of the CMMS dashboard offers options to display the equipment failure data by:

  1. Mechanic shift
  2. Operator shift
  3. Equipment
  4. Failure cause
  5. Process or line and more

All the above CMMS dashboard components are also filtered by date. Additionally each of the above sections has the capability to select the data item from the dashboard then go directly to the appropriate screen for editing. PMs and work orders may also be directly printed from the dashboard. The above listed functions are instructed on in the videos at the bottom of this page.

The inventory and purchasing section of the dashboard provides a way to not only display inventory items that need to be ordered and restocked, but also has the ability to generate purchase requisitions automatically. This CMMS training topic is a somewhat more involved. If additional training is needed for the dashboard contact CMMS University and set up a personal training session.

KPI Data

KPI (key performance indicators) on the version 5.0 dashboard provide a quick graphical view of important KPI data as defined by each user. This KPI data could include equipment reliability, failure rate, work completion rates, work order completion ratio by type, PM completion average hours and more.

CMMS Dashboard Configuration

  • Work orders.
  • Preventative maintenance (PMs).
  • Down time (equipment failures).
  • Inventory and Purchasing.

Using the Dashboard

  • Generating PM lists for PMs that are coming due.
  • Filtering and printing work orders.
  • Displaying and editing equipment down time.
  • Creating purchase requisitions.
  • dashboard options and shortcuts.