Facility Maintenance Software - Equipment Hierarchy

Facility Maintenance Software Equipment Hierarchy Training Module
Facility Maintenance Software Equipment hierarchy Training Module

Facility maintenance software data is easier to understand if it is grouped into a logical hierarchy that resembles the actual physical layout of the equipment maintenance operation. The equipment hierarchy is really just simple ways to group the equipment. Here are some examples:

  1. Facility Maintenance
  2. Hospitality Maintenance
  3. Fleet Maintenance
  4. Industrial Plant Maintenance
  5. Oil Rig Maintenance
  6. Power Generation Plant Maintenance
  7. Service Company Maintenance
  8. Warehouse Maintenance

This CMMS system is unique because it has a three-dimensional equipment hierarchy that the user may label to fit any equipment facility maintenance operation. Additionally, it is very simple to change the labels of these hierarchy levels (groups) and move equipment between them. Moreover, these groupings represent actual physical locations, functional locations, or any other grouping that works for the maintenance manager and team.

For the purposes of a facility maintenance operation a common equipment grouping is Building>>Floor/Room with the Work Area/Location level used to identify general geographic locations such as Parking Areas, Common Area and Security Systems (for example).

Proper implementation of the facility maintenance software equipment hierarchy design usually results in the following benefits to the maintenance team:

  1. Efficient reporting and filtering results in faster, more accurate reporting.
  2. Increases accuracy of budget reporting.
  3. Simplifies work flow for work orders and preventative maintenance.
  4. Guides maintenance manager to proper corrective maintenance and quickly identifies area where the greatest benefit may be gained.
  5. Creates an intuitive interface for non-maintenance management personnel for the purposes of reporting and submitting repair tickets.
  6. Entire CMMS system is easier to navigate because users can drill-down to target equipment.

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Equipment Hierarchy

  • What is the equipment hierarchy?
  • How can I realize the benefits of an equipment hierarchy?
  • What is meant by a 3-dimensional hierarchy?
  • Setting up the equipment hierarchy.
  • Changing the equipment hierarchy.