Reliability Analysis | Equipment Failures


CMMS software for equipment failure analysis and reliability analysis. Equipment failures are costly and disruptive to the production process. One good way to avoid equipment down time is to determine what the primary causes of down time are and circumvent these instances of equipment failure through a targeted preventative maintenance program. Additionally, prioritizing various preventative maintenance procedures improves reliability on the equipment that is causing the greatest losses to the company's bottom line.

With this in mind, the question is: how to approach prioritizing preventive maintenance in the face of wavering equipment availability? The following should be considered making these determinations:

  • Is there a particular failure cause that occurs more than others?
  • Are there equipment items with disproportionate failures due to a specific cause?
  • Is there a certain manufacturing shift that incurs more down time than others?
  • Do one or more of your maintenance crews experience longer times to repair than others?
  • Is there more down time (sum, average and/or count) in a particular department or other equipment grouping?
  • What areas of equipment failure are mostly costly to the non-maintenance cost center(s)? For example: lost product, lost production time or overtime expenses.

All of the above questions are answered by proper use of CMMS software. By tracking and analyzing equipment failures, identifying the "heavy hitters" for lost time, down time and lost equipment availability becomes a simple matter.

Equipment failure analysis prerequisites:

  1. Some equipment configured.
  2. Failure causes configured.
  3. Determine a strategy for logging equipment failure data.
  4. Understand the three components of equipment down time (Time Down, Time To Repair, Impact)

Before beginning with CMMS configuration it is important to understand and plan several key components of the system as follows:

  • Design the equipment hierarchy.
  • Link to a live database.
  • Enter company information.
  • Enters settings and choose appropriate options.
  • Organize users into appropriate groups/roles.

Reliability analysis prerequisites:

  1. Equipment configured in part or all.
  2. Failure causes are configured in the database.
  3. Machine run time data entered.

Learn more about how to use reliability analysis with this CMMS software.

Equipment Failure Tracking

  • What is equipment down time (unexpected equipment failure, planned, unplanned)?
  • Entering a new down time record.
  • Editing a down time record.
  • Creating a work order from a down time record.
  • Adding an equipment run time record (needed for reliability analysis).

Analyzing Equipment Failures (Down Time)

  • Canned down time reports.
  • Using the Report Designer for down time.
  • Querying, analyzing and reporting equipment failures.
  • Exporting equipment failure analysis to Excel (two methods).