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CMMS software for equipment maintenance
cmms software and equipment maintenance

One of the benefits of using CMMS software is that once data is submitted to the system it becomes available for analysis and reporting. Data analysis can identify problems in the maintenance operation directing the maintenance manager to the proper corrective actions. There are several ways to analyze equipment maintenance data and report on this data with CMMS software. All of the methods presented below are fairly simple to use. Some are drag and drop.

  1. Built-in analysis tools that use SQL queries.
  2. OLAP (online analytical processing) data cubes.
  3. Crystal Reports.
  4. Direct Excel export.
  5. OLE automation Excel export.
  6. OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

Some of the above listed methods are presented below. Others are on their own separate page. If further explanation is needed feel free to contact CMMS University.

Inventory and Purchasing, Work Order and Preventative Maintenance  Analysis screens are all presented with basically the same format. Therefore of these three analysis sections only the work order analysis screen will be discussed below. The Down Time (equipment failure) Analysis  screen is unique in it's format and use so it will be also discussed below.

Other data analysis methods and procedures covered in this and another separate module are listed below. Reliability analysis (military standard) analyzes failure rate and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) using either individual equipment items or groups of equipment items. This CMMS software package is unique in that it also provide a way for the maintenance manager to compare MTBF with PM task intervals and then the software suggests optimized preventative maintenance task intervals based upon this MTBF data.

  • PM (preventative maintenance) completion rate reporting.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Methods for reporting CMMS data.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).

Inventory, PM and Work Order Analysis

  • CMMS data analysis overview.
  • Date filters.
  • CMMS data filtered analysis reports.
  • Reporting methods.

Downtime Analysis

  • Equipment failure analysis methods.
  • Equipment failure (downtime) reports.
  • Using OLAP to analyze equipment failures.
  • Exporting unexpected downtime CMMS data.

Reliability Analysis and Cost of Equipment

  • Reliability analysis methods.
  • Reliability analysis and PM task intervals.
  • Overall cost of equipment.

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