Preventative Maintenance Software

Preventative Maintenance Software
Preventative Maintenance Software

The success of preventative maintenance software depends upon proper configuration of the preventative maintenance software. This training module focuses on planning and executing the preventative maintenance software configuration to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Creation of concise, meaningful task groups leading to an efficient and simple to navigate preventative maintenance  system.
  2. Creation of concise, meaningful task descriptions so that the system is intuitive and easy to query.
  3. Organizing tasks into task groups for use in both preventative maintenance and work orders.
  4. Developing a strategy for building the preventative maintenance task lists that expedites configuration without sacrificing usability of the system.

This software offers a calendar-based preventative maintenance system for simple repetitive PMs. This software also offers a full work order system that may be used with or by itself to mange preventative maintenance. Most user will use both the preventative maintenance screen and the work order screen to manage PM -type work. The nice thing about the preventative maintenance screen is that many PMs may be closed at the same time and the PMs recycle themselves for the next PM interval.

Work orders require that a new work order record is created for each PM interval. Although this is a subtle difference if your company is closing 10,000 PMs a month it does make for a simpler to manage CMMS software system in the long run.

If further explanation is required contact CMMS University to schedule a personalized online demonstration of the software's analysis and reporting capabilities.

Preventative Maintenance Software Task Configuration

  • Planning task groups and tasks
  • Defining task groups
  • Defining task descriptions
  • Adding task groups and tasks
  • Editing preventative maintenance tasks
  • Tasks shared between preventative maintenance and work orders

Building a Preventative Maintenance List

  • Components of a preventative maintenance list
  • Creating a simple preventative maintenance task list
  • Editing a PM list
  • Setting the sequence for a preventative maintenance list

Preventative Maintenance Software Shortcuts and Options

  • Task packages
  • Job list templates
  • Copy a PM list to another equipment item
  • Bulk edit for preventative maintenance (PM) task list
  • Changing a PM list assignment
  • Adding detailed instructions to a PM list

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