Equipment Maintenance Software

Configuring equipment maintenance software.
Configuring equipment maintenance software.

The purpose of equipment maintenance software (CMMS software) is to maintain equipment assets and to report on the maintenance program's performance. The software program directs all data back to the equipment item. This includes all labor, parts, and failure data.


  1. Understand and configure equipment hierarchy.
  2. Add data items (Departments, Locations, etc.) to hierarchy.
  3. Determine the equipment naming convention(s)

Equipment maintenance software configuration starts with determining the equipment hierarchy. Once this has been established equipment groupings (example: plants, departments, processes, locations, etc.) are populated into the appropriate data tables. These groupings contain the actual physical equipment items. Additionally another form of grouping that is NOT part of the equipment hierarchy also contains equipment. This grouping is called the equipment group. It represents the type or class of equipment (example: HVAC, conveyors, rolling stock, etc.). This CMMS training module covers the following topics:

  1. Configuring equipment groups.
  2. Determining equipment descriptors.
  3. Naming and placing equipment items.
  4. Importing or entering equipment details.

Equipment descriptors are not the physical equipment item but rather are a text item that may be used to help create consistent equipment items. This is a key point that must be understood before proceeding with the equipment list creation.

Equipment items are the actual physical equipment that work is performed on. All data in the CMMS point back to the equipment item. Equipment items are placed in the equipment hierarchy and associated with an equipment group (equipment class).

Equipment details provide an optional place to include many details for each equipment item. This includes unlimited file attachments of any file type.

If further explanation is required contact CMMS University to schedule a personalized online demonstration of the software's analysis and reporting capabilities.

Equipment Hierarchy Data Items

  • Add a Process (alternate names: Building, Division, etc.).
  • Configure the Lines (alternate names: Floor/Room, Area, Department, etc.).
  • Create Work Area/Location (alternate names: Area, Department, Building, Sector, etc.).
  • Edit a Process, Line or Work Area/Location.
  • Equipment item naming, grouping and placing.

Equipment Groups, Descriptors and Items

  • What is an equipment group?
  • Create an equipment group.
  • What is an equipment descriptor and how is this different from an equipment item?
  • Configure an equipment descriptor.
  • Create an equipment item.
  • Placing equipment in the equipment hierarchy.

Equipment Maintenance Software Options

  • Equipment cost reports from equipment configuration screen.
  • Setting equipment sequence.
  • Equipment configuration reports.
  • Adding equipment details.
  • Linking file attachments to equipment items.

Using Equipment Items

  • What is an equipment item?
  • Naming equipment items.
  • Work orders and equipment.
  • Preventative maintenance and equipment.
  • Using spare parts against equipment.