CMMS Training for CMMS System
Facility Maintenance Software Equipment hierarchy Training Module

The concepts covered in these CMMS training modules may be used with any equipment maintenance software system, however all vidos and examples used this CMMS. It is recommended that you download this software and use it for the purposes of CMMS University.

Before beginning with your CMMS software training it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the basic navigation and screen organization of the sample CMMS software program provided for this use. The first three videos training on pre-configuration and configuration of program-wide settings such as database connection.

The second set of videos cover several of the basics and provide a general understanding of the flow of this CMMS system using the work order and the preventative maintenance screens.

Before beginning with CMMS configuration it is important to understand and plan several key components of the system as follows:

  • Design the equipment hierarchy.
  • Link to a live database.
  • Enter company information.
  • Enters settings and choose appropriate options.
  • Organize users into appropriate groups/roles.

Design the Equipment Hierarchy

  • Understand the capabilities of the equipment hierarchy.
  • Examine other equipment hierarchy examples.
  • Identify how you organization groups equipment.
  • Establish your equipment hierarchy.
  • NOTE: If not sure how to configure the equipment hierarchy contact [email protected] for a personal free consultation.

Program Configuration

  • Link to database.
  • Enter company/organization name and location data.
  • Determine workstation preferences and theme options.
  • Choose appropriate Options and Settings (menus).

CMMS Software User Roles, Users

  • Understand user groups (roles).
  • Edit existing user groups as needed.
  • Create users and add to user groups.

CMMS Training Quick Start Tour Part 1/3

  • Choosing the Demo database.
  • Logging in to the Demo database.
  • Screen navigation.
  • Basic data entry (work orders)
  • Screen objects and how they work.
  • Deleting a record.
  • Printing a report (work order).

CMMS Training Quick Start Tour Part 2/3

  • Duplicating a work order.
  • Work order templates.
  • Print preview and report exporting and emailing.
  • Options menu.

CMMS Training Quick Start Tour Part 3/3

  • Work orders vs. repetitive preventative maintenance.
  • Closing PMs.
  • Filtering PMs.
  • Print preventative maintenance task list.
  • Print Option, format and grid column settings.

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